My full-length poetry collection, Urbilly, won the 2017 Main Street Rag Poetry Book Award. Check here for details.

Recently published poems appear in:

Pilgrimage Magazinefrom Pilgrimage Press: “Mountainmade”

Kindred Magazine, from Anchor & Plume Press: “Cattywampus”

Tinderbox Poetry Journal: “Blast Fragments”

Appalachian Journal: “Farewell, Bedrock”

Kentucky Review“Gravity” and “The Rope Swing”

drafthorsefour poems

Luna Luna Magazine“My Mother Prays to the Patron Saint of Global Warming”

Crossing Over, an anthology by Main Street Rag Publishing: “Demonology”

Freshwater“Still Life on Fire Escape”

Cobalt Review“The Dead Send Regrets”

Other poems available online include:

“A Defense of the Keg,” in Kestrel           

Three poems, in Town Creek Poetry

Two poems, in Steel Toe Review

See this page for more information on my chapbook, The Coriolis Effect.

An interview about my poetry appears at Speaking of Marvels, a project by the poet William Kelley Woolfitt.

Additional poems have appeared in: Aethlon, Appalachian Journal, Blueline, Broad River Review, Crab Orchard Review, Englisch Betrifft Uns (Germany)Epicenter, A Feast of Fools Anthology, Iodine Poetry Journal, J Journal, Kakalak Anthology of Carolina Poets, Kestrel, Main Street Rag, Pembroke Magazine, and Still: The Journal. 

Buzzard Pastoral, Eggleston, Virginia

Buzzard Pastoral, Eggleston, Virginia



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