Welcome to the (reluctant, ineluctable) website for Michael Dowdy, scholar, poet, and teacher. Peruse for publications and occasional dispatches from the crooked spine of North America, from New Orleans north through Appalachia, into New York City, New Haven, and beyond.

About the header photograph: the Day of the Dead parade, in the Bywater, New Orleans, in 2012. Photograph by Ryan Dowdy. My ekphrastic poem on this photo was published in in the December 2014 issue of Cobalt Review.

My commentary on poetry is now posted on Progressive Poetics, a collaborative project curated and compiled by the poet H.L. Hix. Responding to Adorno, Auden, Tu Fu, and a string of short responses by poets and critics, Hix’s “one-question interview” has generated some tremendous commentaries. Here’s mine.

This course blog for my Fall 2014 MA seminar on documentary poetry is a good place to check out what I do in my classes. Also, check out this course blog from my Spring 2015 undergraduate course on Latina/o poetry.

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