Welcome to the website for Michael Dowdy, scholar, poet, and professor. Writing about and from the crooked spine of the Americas–from the Global Souths of Latin America to the unitedstatesian south, from the Andes to the Appalachians, from Colombia to Columbia, South Carolina.

NOVEMBER 2017: My full-length poetry collection, Urbilly, which won the 2017 Main Street Rag Poetry Book Award, is officially in print and available to buy here. More information is here.

OCTOBER 2017: My lyric essay “Mountainsickness” has won the annual nonfiction contest at Still: The JournalYou can read the piece here.

SEPTEMBER 2017: My article-listicle “Ten Must Read Latino Books,” in which I attempt to squeeze three times as many great Latinx books into a top ten, appears in the AWP’s Writer’s Chronicle. For AWP members, it’s available here.

My study of Latinx poetry and poetics, Broken Souths: Latina/o Poetic Responses to Neoliberalism and Globalization, is fortunate to keep brilliant company. Read here and here and here.

“Poetry from a Year of Precarity” is available at ASAP/J, the online arm of the terrific ASAP/Journal. This is a review essay of five exceptional books from 2016, by Daniel Borzutzky, Susan Briante, Don Mee Choi, Solmaz Sharif, and Rodrigo Toscano.

About the header photograph: the Day of the Dead parade, in the Bywater, New Orleans, in 2012. Photograph by Ryan Dowdy. My ekphrastic poem on this photo was published in in the December 2014 issue of Cobalt Review.

Follow me on Twitter: @dowdymc


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